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Craft & Sew 7 Piece

Craft & Sew 7 Piece

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    The 7-piece home repair needle set is a versatile and handy collection of needles for all your home repair needs. Whether you are fixing a tear in a piece of clothing, repairing a ripped cushion, or mending a broken piece of furniture, this needle set has you covered.

    The set includes 7 different types of needles, each with a specific function. The needle sizes range from large to small, allowing you to handle various types of projects with ease. The needle types include:

    1. Upholstery Needle: This large, heavy-duty needle is ideal for repairing furniture and heavy fabrics.

    2. A curved mattress needle is a specialized tool used for tufting mattresses and other textile products. It is a type of needle that has a curved shape, which allows it to easily navigate through the layers of fabric, batting, and foam in a mattress. Packing Needle With its sharp point and strong shaft, this needle is perfect for mending thicker fabrics or packaging. 

    3. Carpet needle: This needle has a large eye and sharp point, making it ideal for repairing carpets, rugs, and heavy fabrics.

    4. Embroidery needle: This needle is smaller and finer than the others, making it perfect for delicate embroidery work.

    5. Sail needle: This needle has a large eye and a triangular point, making it ideal for repairing sails and heavy canvas.

    6. A clove  needle, also known as a clove needle, is a specialized tool used in marine and outdoor applications. It is a large, heavy-duty needle that is specifically designed for sewing heavy-duty fabrics and materials, such as canvas and tarps.

    In addition to the needles, the set also comes with a handy storage case, keeping the needles organized and protected when not in use. The case is compact and easy to store, making it a convenient addition to your sewing kit.

    Overall, the 7-piece home repair needle set is a great investment for anyone who loves to tackle home repair projects. The variety of needle types allows you to handle different types of projects with ease, and the compact storage case makes it easy to keep the needles organized and protected. Whether you are a professional tailor or just looking to do some basic mending, this needle set is a must-have tool for any sewing kit.